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Vision Statement: 

We are a Christ-centered church responding with love to the needs of our community.

Mission Statement:

We accomplish our vision through:

Worship - Spiritual Formation

Service - Community Building

Wright Congregational United Church of Christ is a community in which ALL are welcome.  We declare ourselves to be open and affirming of all people regardless of age, ability, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic circumstances or marital status.  Wright Congregational United Church of Christ invites ALL of God's Children into the full life and ministry of the church.

Meet our Staff

Settled Pastor: the Reverend Heather Miner


About Me:

My college years led me to a church where I found love, purpose, and God, in that order.  I remember my pastor telling someone who was pushing me to believe as he did to “leave me alone.”  Only after three years of basking in the love of the people of that church, did I join and start a path that led me into the ministry.


The United Church of Christ has always been a place where I could question and seek answers along with a historic company of witnesses.  With roots that go all the way back to the Reformation and all the way forward into the social justice movements of today, it is a historic faith with a present witness. 

I seek to bring together head and heart in my preaching and leading.  Having earned my MDiv from Yale Divinity School I learned well how to provide thought-provoking sermons.  My heart leads me to connect your lives with the hope that is found through God’s word.  

People who will find a place here are those who are curious, want to learn, and want to seek answers to their biggest spiritual questions.   People who are willing to be themselves stripped of the masks we often wear will find a loving and accepting congregation.  To this end we are joyfully open and affirming, meaning all LGBTQIA people are welcome to participate fully in the life of the church.  People who will love it here will see faith, not as rules or a set of judgments, but as a way to be love, be loved, and emanate grace.   

Our worship is informal, led by a masterful and playful pianist, Danny Beal.  Our vocals are provided by the faithful and lyrical Katy, backed up by her sweet husband, Kevan; with Dan on the drums; and Bob on the trombone (yep, we honor all ages and abilities). 

My favorite scripture consists of words said by Jesus to the woman who anoints him on the way to Jerusalem/the cross.  He says of her, “She did what she could.”  There is a whole bunch of things we can’t do, but there is a whole lot we can.  I love bringing people into a community where they discover how they can make a difference in helping this church be as Jesus was, a healing and joyful presence, that welcomes all into a relationship with the Creator. 

In God’s Love,

Reverend Heather Miner


Liz photo.jpg

Office Manager Liz Vorbeck

I was born in Minnesota on the Iron Range.  I spent my youth years riding and showing American Quarter Horses, snow skiing and having fun on the farm.  In 1984 I moved to Boise to be with my family.  My husband, John and I were married in Wright Church in August, 2018 and consider our church friends family.  When Wright church's long-time secretary, Robin, retired and the church offered me the job of Office Manager/Communications Manager.  I felt this was the right opportunity to give back to our lovely church  and church family with my 29+ years of business experience.  I would love the chance to visit with you and share your thoughts, concerns and prayers for our continued community spirit and growing our precious and beloved church.  Cheers, LV

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