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From the desk of Rev. Heather Miner

Finding Unity:

Thursday, June 6th, marked the 80th anniversary of D Day.  I’ve been listening and reading about that time some of you lived through.  


From Michel Pardis who wrote a D-Day article for The Atlantic…


“D day signaled the collapse of the European Empires and birth of an American Superpower that promised to dedicate its foreign policy to decolonization, democracy, and human rights.”


And, then on my way into the office, I listened as Garrett M Graff, author of When the Sea Came Alive, gave an interview. He spoke about the extraordinary feats done that day by paratroopers who fought without being able to see or hear or truly know that there were 160,000 allied troops coming in on the beach. 


In many ways, it was a rebirth of America whose superpower lay in both the soldiers and in those at home. Pardis remarks that “In November 1943, America had changed. It was producing more than twice as many planes and seven times as any ships as the whole British Empire.” That strength enabled Roosevelt to argue for the Allies to start their liberating campaign in Normandy. 


This Sunday’s scripture Mark 3: 20 – 35 contains a famous line Lincoln quoted, “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.”


The paratroopers fought believing in what they were doing and had to take a leap of faith trusting they had back-up. America had to unite at home and abroad to be strong enough to have their opinion matter. It is a lesson in unity.  While we have different struggles, I dare to believe we can find unity in our humanity and courage to follow where God leads.   


In God’s Love, Rev. Heather

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