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Dear Church,

Rev. Nicolette Penaranda, the artist, writes: 


I love Rev. Penaranda’s description of Peter’s “flying high.” 


She writes, “I titled this piece Lift Off as a nod to the 2011 Jaz and Kanye West (fr. Beyonce) song by the same title.  There is something about the opening lines, ‘We gon’ take it to the moon, take it to the stars, how many people you know can take it this far?’ that lingers in my head.  I think it pertains to how Peter must have felt walking on water toward Jesus.  Who else was flying this high right then?  Who else had dropped everything to live vagrantly with Christ?”


Her words remind me how I get a “high” from an unexpected success or when a moment I feared brings peace rather than pain.  I want to dance and sing and run and jump.  If I take that feeling into the scripture, I know that when Peter stepped out of the boat, he was flying high!  He thought he could do anything and everything.  That’s what catching sight of God’s embodied love does for us. 


While the artwork tells the rest of the story, the falling into the sea and the crying out for help, the artist reminds us to see the stars and the sparkle all around.  Even though the water no longer holds Peter, there is still magic in the moment when Peter stood weightless upon the sea. 

May the “flying high” magic of experiencing God’s unexpected grace lift you to the stars this season. 


In God’s Love,

Rev. Heather

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