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Greetings, Fellow Travelers on the Way! 

The Way is how many early Christians described their journey of faith.  Notice, the Way isn’t about a destination but, rather, is about a journey.  Christians keep on searching and learning because, even when we seem to be standing still, the world continues to move and change.     

This Summer, I invite you to continue your journey on the Way in worship, in spiritual practices, and in community.  

This Summer’s overall theme is courage.  To aid your spiritual practice I am printing out a guide for you with the following week’s scripture, sermon title, a sermon seed, and questions to ponder.  It is on the right-hand side table before you reach the greeters on Sunday morning.  We use it in our Tuesday Morning Bible Study, but it can also be used for your quiet time during the week.  If you aren’t able to come to every Sunday worship but want to start a practice of study, please email and you will be included on the message I send to the Bible Study group on Sunday afternoons.

For the sake of building our community, please set aside July 13th from 9 – 2 for a Wright Church Family Picnic at Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park.  It is an occasion to get to know one another better.

And, finally, for those willing to immerse themselves in Christian Fellowship, there is Family Camp on Aug 2-4 - $135/person.  This is a joint venture of the six Idaho churches.  There will be boats available as well as kayaks/boards.  There is hiking nearby and a beach to sit on with a swimming area on the lake.  On Sunday morning, we have worship overlooking the lake.    

Please pray for our Flea Market to be well received in our community.  Special thanks to all those who donated, sorted and priced the items.  I’ll see you on Saturday and on Sunday for Spirit-led worship. 

In God’s Love,

Rev. H 

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