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Tailgate Party (Socially Distanced)

Silent Auction Fundraiser

Games and Fun!

October 17th

3:00 PM


27 items are up for bid.  Now is your chance…..

This is our major fundraiser for the year.  We have a goal to raise $6,000.00 A fundraiser to keep the church operating.  We need everyone’s support.
We have the silent auction items on a website where everyone can observe and bid this week prior to the auction going live on Saturday, October 17th at the Fall Festival Tailgate Party!!
If you can’t be there for the final bidding hours, let Sherrie Collins know at 831-320-7373 and we will assign a proxy bidder with your maximum amount you are willing to bid or if a friend is coming you can have them do it as well.

Some information to share:
The WEBSITE: www.32auctions.com/wuccfallfestival
When you enter the site, you can navigate and look at all the items.  There are advertisements, just ignore those.  If you want to bid, the site will ask you to establish an account with your email and password.  There is no MONEY exchanged on the site.  That will occur during the final hours at the church.  

Once you enter a bid.  32 Auctions will send you an email confirming your bid.  If someone outbids you, an email will be sent letting you know...  Let the bidding wars begin!
OK, so there is strategy I know in silent auctions.  You want to take a wait and see approach.  Not be too aggressive for that item.  We have your answer.  You can click the heart which will add the item to your watch list and every time someone bids, an email alerting you will be sent.
This is more fun than playing solitaire on the computer!! You can send this auction link to your family and friends.  The only thing we can’t do is ship the winning item.  All checks for the winning item need to be at the church on October 21st.


Wright Community Congregational United Church of Christ is a community in which all are welcome.



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